How to Know If a Guy Wants to Propose to You

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Some women don’t have the ability to figure out if their man wants to propose to them. This is why they’re never sure if the day their man will actually propose to them will ever come.


If you want to know if a guy intends to propose to you, here’s how to know if he’s going to propose


He is always nervous
It is rather uncommon for a guy who has been your boyfriend for a while to act nervous. So if your guy has been acting out of sorts lately, it’s a sign that he may be preparing to propose to you.


He starts doing many things for you
If a guy starts cooking, cleaning, and fixing things for you, chances are, he is planning on how he will propose to you. This is because many guys don’t do these things on a normal day. These little acts are signs that he is going to do something very special for you.


He is not terrified of other people’s weddings
Other people’s weddings often don’t interest a guy. A guy who is going to propose soon will not express irritability or annoyance when it comes to the notion of other people getting married.



He has bid farewell to bachelorhood

Instead of going out on a Friday night with friends, your guy starts spending that day with you at home. This is peculiar especially if your guy prefers to hang out with friends a lot. It’s possible that he may be thinking of proposing to you.
He is asking you many questions

What’s your favorite kind of flower? What’s your best childhood memory? These are just a few of the questions a guy may ask you if he is going to propose to you. You might find it weird especially if you’ve been going steady for a long time but there’s a high probability that the reason he is asking is because he is going to propose soon.


He wants you to mother his children
If he has expressed his desire to have you as the mother of his future children, this is a sign that he may be thinking of proposing to you.


Your relationship is not a secret
Have you already met his parents, friends, and co-workers? If you answered yes to this question, then he may be preparing to include you in his life for the long haul.



Finding An Affordable Engagement Ring

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Are you ready to pop the question to your girlfriend? Do you envision what she will look like and the surprise upon her face when you start to get down on one knee? How about the look she will have when she sees the beautiful engagement ring you have chosen? Do you worry at all? Choosing an engagement ring that your bride to be will love is something that you will only get one chance. Since it is a once in a lifetime event your experience level is subpar. Below you will find tips to ensure she loves the ring as much as her husband to be.

First things first, throw the rule out that says you must spend at least two month’s salary on an engagement ring. Any girl that is ready to marry you will not care in the least how much the ring cost let alone go to great lengths in determining how much you are in debt with the ring alone. A better rule to follow is how much cash do you have on hand or can the ring be paid for in full within a year. Don’t go into debt to purchase a ring that is way above your means. The women you are about to propose to is way more concerned with becoming your wife now and forever to worry about a debt from her engagement ring.

Especially, take note of your girlfriend’s style. Is she modern, practical, old fashion, sentimental, extravagant or outgoing? Her style should matter above anything else. If your bride to be is an old vintage sole a flashy, large, abundant ring will overwhelm her and perhaps make her uncomfortable.

Practical girls enjoy a single stone with flush settings; rings like this don’t get in the way with everyday activities. Reserved women tend to choose channel settings with a few smaller stones creating the statement in the middle of the ring. If your wife to be is more extravagant look into options involving ideal settings with a large central stone and several small surrounding stones. Outgoing girls tend to love classic diamond solitaire engagement rings. If you are unclear checkout jewelry that she tends to wear on an everyday basis. Help you decide the best option in engagement ring options for her.

Local small town jewelers and online artists are excellent sources when it comes to finding something reasonable in price as well online jewelers. Looking online at a variety of jewelry options is also a good way of exploring different options that are available for purchase when it comes to engagement rings.


Say it using a gold ring

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If you love someone and wish to get married to her, an engagement ring is the best way to express your adoration. There are numerous ways to express your feelings however a gold ring talks louder than all. The engagement ring made-up of gold would be the best bit of jewelry to ask the most complicated question in an effective manner like if she will marry you.

Buying an immaculate engagement gold ring requires the best possible planning and great decision instead of unconstrained action as most young ladies are very touched by the importance behind it. Numerous aspects need checking deliberately before you start scanning for the best ring. You ought to know legitimate ring size, the taste of your beloved and the most important thing like your budget.

It is vital to know reasonable ring size before settling on any choice as she may be wearing it on the consistent schedule. If you are comfortable, you may ask her straight away be that as it may if you are planning to keep its mystery until you propose, then you may need to find an alternate way to get this detail out. For instance, investigate her jewelry box or find a diversion to get this answer out unknowingly.

The last part is the budget which assumes the essential component sometimes. Nobody wishes to become bankrupt by buying an engagement gold ring for the special individual in their life. The price of an engagement ring, as a rule, depends on the heaviness of the metal, the virtue of the metal. Finding a perfect engagement gold ring could be simple and straight-forward the length of you know what you are looking for and at what price you want to get it. It is advisable that you make your decision especially when you are investing your well-deserved cash in buying an adornment for your beloved.


Wedding Ring

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A wedding ring is something that you will have forever, so take the time and do the research up front so that you will not regret your decision. There are several different types of metal you can choose; among the most popular are white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. You might even choose to combine any of these into a two-tone gold ring for a distinctive and striking wedding ring.

While these are all great options, one of the more overlooked and classic styles is the rose gold wedding ring. Rose Gold is a timeless metal that has always been around; it just hasn’t been used recently to make many rings. The style fell out of fashion but recently has been revived as people are looking for newer and more unique wedding rings that are still traditional.

It’s quite likely you’ve heard of rose gold, but aren’t quite sure what it is. Rose gold is a very strong and resistant gold alloy that has a unique and distinct look from other metals. Copper and gold are combined to produce the rose gold metal. In most cases, the metal breakdown is 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper. This particular combination gives the alloy a reddish-pink cast. It can be formed into any of the ring styles that normal gold or platinum can.

The color of rose gold can vary depending on how much copper is used. The rose color can be lightened somewhat by adding silver, which can help to emphasize the eye-catching yet subtle red shade of the gold.

You may find that the striking color and character of the rose gold wedding ring is exactly the sort of quality you’ve been looking for in this very special piece of jewelry. So when you’re out shopping for a ring, keep in mind that rose gold may be the perfect non-traditional choice for your wedding band.

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