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The Next Generation For Diamond and Jewelry News

Carnahan is giving you the latest news about diamonds and jewelry. We decided to create this site so that we can put our insights about the latest trends of jewelry especially the ones that are created with diamonds.

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The Next Generation Diamond and Jewelry News


Diamond a solid form of carbon with different various types. Also diamonds are the very hardest natural substance that you can see, it is not easily be broken.


Jewelry is a decorative item that is worn, it can be seen as rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and pendants. Jewelry is also made of wide range of materials like precious metals, beads, gemstones, shells and many more.

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The Next Generation For Diamond and Jewelry News


How to Know If a Guy Wants to Propose to You

  Some women don’t have the ability to figure out if their man wants to propose to them. This is why they’re never sure if the day their man will actually propose
By : carnahan | Sep 27, 2017

Finding An Affordable Engagement Ring

  Are you ready to pop the question to your girlfriend? Do you envision what she will look like and the surprise upon her face when you start to get down on
By : carnahan | Apr 10, 2017

Say it using a gold ring

If you love someone and wish to get married to her, an engagement ring is the best way to express your adoration. There are numerous ways to express your feelings however a
By : carnahan | Feb 6, 2017

Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is something that you will have forever, so take the time and do the research up front so that you will not regret your decision. There are several different
By : carnahan | Jan 17, 2017

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